Fortress of Fear ScreamPark in Garrettsville, Ohio  
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Enduring 17 years of screams, Garrettsville, Ohio's popular Haunted Attractions return this season to scare you beyond your limits. FORTRESS OF FEAR, FEARANOIA, and FEARGOTTEN are cutting-edge Haunted Attractions that are sure to make you scream for more! Rated TOP TEN! Visit http://www.fortressoffear.com for complete information including Special Events on FRIDAY THE 13TH and HALLOWEEN!

Website: www.fortressoffear.com
Fortress of Fear ScreamPark
10268 Hewins Rd
Garrettsville, Ohio, 44231

Contact Phone : 330-322-7853
Email : info@jmd-entertainment.com

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In the small town of Garrettsville, Ohio lies an area so evil that it remains abandoned 11 months of the year. Encounter 2 panic-inducing Haunted Houses, FORTRESS OF FEAR and FEARANOIA, and try to escape FEARGOTTEN, high-intensity Escape Rooms you won't want to miss! Navigate the dark and narrow halls of a 17th century themed castle where the living abandoned long ago but their souls remain. Endure a sensory pandemic in a themed warehouse infested with contaminated workers who want YOU to be their next employee! Plus, face your fears as you try to escape the locked rooms of FEARGOTTEN, where only the most intelligent and strong-minded will survive the Authoritarian Regime. The government is rationing society and has formed The New Republic. YOU will have regulated time to complete experimental tests and escape to become a member of this higher society. Should you fail these tests, you will be locked in solitude and left to perish by the Authoritarian Regime. Will you be FearGotten? Join us for Special Events this season: BLACK-OUT ~ On HALLOWEEN, a bonus night for only the BOLD. Experience all of our attractions in Total Darkness! There will be "touches" of fear all around and each group gets a single flashlight. Waivers must be signed before entry and may be downloaded from the website. Parental signature is required for those under 18 years of age. FORTUNE AND FIRE ~ Let the legends prevail on FRIDAY THE 13TH as Fortress of Fear ScreamPark hosts a Special Event filled with Fortune and Fire! Have a complimentary spiritual encounter with Kimberly Kaye, who has been empathic and psychic since age 3. She is a Reiki Master, reads Angel and Tarot cards, does palm and smoke readings as well as astrology and spiritual dice. Kimberly has appeared on several radio shows and has even done readings for celebrities. Performances by the Ohio Burn Unit will feature fire jugglers, special effects including pyrotechnics, fire breathers, fire eating, dancers, stilt walkers, poi spinners, fire balls launched up to 60 ft and much more! Don't miss this jaw dropping show by the Ohio Burn Unit as they continue to keep "Giving the World the 3rd Degree"! Come celebrate with us on Friday the 13th and let your fortunes be told and your fire ignited at our Fortune and Fire Special Event! Visit http://www.fortressoffear.com for complete information.


Mega Ticket includes FORTRESS OF FEAR, FEARANOIA & FEARGOTTEN | Haunted Houses includes FORTRESS OF FEAR & FEARANOIA | Escape Room includes FEARGOTTEN | Fortune and Fire Special Event FRIDAY THE 13TH | Black-Out Special Event HALLOWEEN | - Mega Ticket $20 | Haunted Houses $15 | Escape Room $8 | Fortune and Fire Special Event $25 | Black-Out Special Event $25 |


Open ALL Fridays & Saturdays throughout October from 8pm-11pm & Sunday, October 29th from 7pm-10pm. - FORTUNE AND FIRE SPECIAL EVENT: FRIDAY THE 13TH with performances beginning at 7:30pm. BLACK-OUT SPECIAL EVENT: HALLOWEEN, Tuesday, October 31st from 7pm-10pm.


Scariest one we've been to yet
When we pulled up in front of this place we thought...oh great..this doesn't look like much. Its in a small town and the place wasn't busy so I thought for sure it was going to suck. Boy was I wrong. From start to finish it was scary. If youre claustrophobic beware. Some spots are so small you start to get panicked which adds to the fear.
Posted 08/29/2015

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