HAUNTVILLE Haunted Houses in Elyria, Ohio  
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Hauntville is the Must see haunted house of 2016. We have the first and only 4-D haunted house in Ohio . Get ready to try the new way to getting scared! 5 mind-blowing attractions.

Website: www.elyriahauntedhouse.com
HAUNTVILLE Haunted Houses
1579 West River Road North
Elyria, Ohio, 44035

Contact Phone : 440-655-0016
Email : hauntville@gmail.com

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Hauntville Haunted Houses in Elyria, Ohio is another extreme, rare, totally out of the box, over the top, scary haunted attraction!” “Hauntville Haunted Houses is a whole new haunting experience. The five mind-blowing, awesome attractions are Cellblock 13, the Butcher Barn, Psycho Manor, Zombie Hunt in 3D and Wicked Clowns in 4D. Wicked Clowns is the first 4D attraction of its kind utilizing a whole new sensory perception of sight, sound and smell A Whole New Haunting Experience, 5 Mind-Blowing Attractions, 4 Separately Themed Haunted Houses. Each one specially designed by Hauntville Haunted House's Scare-Masters Production Team, with one focus in mind: "Scaring the life out of you!" We work the entire year to bring new and exciting scares to our haunted houses, so if you think it is the same as last year....Its Not. See you at Hauntville Haunted Houses, Ohio's Scariest Haunted Houses! Cellblock 13; a visit to a maximum security prison and asylum by the inmates who are imprisoned there. Find your way thru the prison and escape or become an inmate yourself The Butcher Barn; An adventure into the dark woods, to which many never find their way back out of. Just make sure you are not part of the dinner menu! Psycho Manor; Find your way thru the Victorian mansion, and past the ghosts and that still roam the hallways of the old funeral parlor Wicked Clowns in 4-D;A clown themed haunted house, utilizing specially designed setting to produce, a whole new sensory perception of sight, sound and smell. Ohio’s First 4-D Haunted House. Coming for 2016, "The Unknown" Haunted Attraction


Ohio's Scariest Haunted Houses Wicked Clowns in 4-D, the first and only 4-D Haunted House in the state of Ohio. This is The only haunted house in Ohio that exploits all four of your senses. All 5 attractions are a great price Psycho Manor Cell Block 13 Butcher Barn Wicked Clowns in 4-D The "Unknown" Ohio Haunted Houses, Cleveland Haunted House - Package 1 $24 All 5 Attractions Cell Block 13 The Butcher Barn Psycho Manor Wicked Clowns in 4-D and The "Unknown" Haunted Attraction Package 2 $20 The four Haunted Houses Cell Block 13 The Butcher Barn Psycho Manor Wicked Clowns in 4-D


Friday September 22, 2017 thru Saturday November 4,2017 Thursdays and Sundays 7:00PM-10:00PM and Fridays and Saturday 7:00PM to 12:00AM (Midnight)

It was very fun and I really enjoyed all the props and scenery. The monsters were energetic and very scary!
Posted 10/07/2017
not worth $25
This is definitely not worth the money we drive over two hours and i did jump once. It was terrible lovednthe props tho at most I would pay 10 but not scary at all
Posted 11/02/2016
Every house was different but still just as awesome as the last! The unknown haunted attraction was just that, unknown, but so good! The sets, props, and actors all looked very real and very scary. I would definitely go again, it was that good.
Posted 10/29/2016
Awesome Haunt!
This place was amazing. So many details and props and the actors were excited and full of energy. Best haunted house ever!!!
Posted 10/18/2016
must see
wicked best 4-d haunted house must go to believe they pick up in air spin you smells taste everything big monsters in all houses eat you best haunted house ever been to actors best ever sets so real paintball in 3-d shooting zombies
Posted 02/24/2016
best clown house ever
Posted 09/25/2015
Best in Ohio
The actors are top notch. They really know how much to get you.
Posted 09/24/2015

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