Spooky Ranch in Columbia Station, Ohio  
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Spooky Ranch is proud to announce the opening of the New Zombie Paint Ball Hunt in 3D, as well as their newest haunted house additions Blood Slingers Saloon and Monster Visions in 3-D. Spooky Ranch has been awarded one of the top Haunted Houses across the country. Spooky Ranch is a Halloween spectacle that should not be missed. Celebrating over 27 terrifying years of fears. 5 Haunted Attractions for 1 low price. The most technically advanced haunted hayride and haunted attractions in the buckeye state. Home of The Famous Haunted hayride, The Haunted Barn, Extreme Nightmares Haunted House, Blood Slingers Saloon and Monster Visions in 3-D.

Website: www.spookyranch.com
Spooky Ranch
19066 East River Rd
Columbia Station, Ohio, 44028

Contact Phone : 440-236-5454
Email : allisonincleveland@hotmail.com

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NEW for 2017, Zombie Paint Ball Hunt in 3D. Celebrating over 27 Terrifying Years, Spooky Ranch, "Cleveland's Premiere Haunted Event" is a Halloween spectacle that should not be missed. 5 Haunted Attractions for 1 Low Price. The most technically advanced haunted hayride and haunted attractions in the state of Ohio. All five themed attractions (The Haunted Barn, Famous Haunted Hayride, Blood Slingers Saloon, Monster Visions in 3-D and Extreme Nightmares (no one under 10 years of age admitted)feature hi-tech special effects and lighting, actors with scripted speaking parts and very detailed facades and scenes that will make you feel that you are in a Hollywood production. Explosive pyrotechnics and larger-than-life 30-foot animated creatures will astound you. Cleveland's Haunted attraction that truly caters to the masses and all generations of people. We have such a wide variety of attractions, that there's something for everyone at Spooky Ranch from mild and entertaining to extremely frightening. We are well-known for having the best and most unique Haunted Hayride in the Buckeye state.


Nothing Like it in the entire world. "not your ordinary boring hayride or haunted houses" YOU WILL SCREAM,LAUGH,BE AMAZED,AND ABSOLUTELY ENTERTAINED! We accept CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS Or BUY TICKETS ONLINE Other Available: Concessions with Food, Pumpkins, Farm Market & Souvenir Shop. Open to public. No reservations necessary. Group packages and rates available


September 22 - October 30, 2017 - Fridays & Saturdays 7pm-11:30pm. Thursdays & Sundays 7pm-9:30pm (beginning Oct 8th open every Thursday and Sunday night.) Monday, October 30th from 7pm-9:30pm

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Great Haunted Attraction for all ages!
This is a really great Haunted Attraction for everybody. The staff and actors were very helpful and gave you a good scare! It's also a funny haunt. This is great haunt if you like to have fun and get scared!
Posted 09/24/2016
I was very spectacle about going to this Haunt. Some say it wasn't good made for kids, some say it was amazing. The only way to find out was to go see it for my self. After having a disappointment trip to 7 floors of hell the week before Spooky Ranch surprised us all. It was fantastic! the hayride was just a fun attraction to see all of the hard effort in the sets. The Crazy Clowns 3D was my personal favorite. They had top notch animations and everything really popped at you. Extreme Nightmares was great too. It was very interactive and scary. The fun house was like a haunted house but with lights on and no actors. It also has unlimited go throughs so it was fun to take a trip through it in between the houses. this house is definitely worth the money and drive.
Posted 10/24/2015
SUPER SCARY CLOWNS HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 10/22/2015
If this haunt is rated 29th in the Nation than it is way overrated! This was a 2 hour trip with a group of 7 people. We were all disappointed in this haunt. The hayride is very uncomfortable. They make you sit on the floor, no hay bales, no seats, and packed solid.. Most of the actors just come out yelling, not very scary! I know of two other hayrides in Ohio that are way better! The 3-D clowns were entertaining. The butler at the extreme nightmares was pretty cool. Some of the animation was worth seeing. It may be worth $20 for a night out if you live near by but not worth a two hour drive...
Posted 10/12/2015

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