The Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio  
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Located in Cincinnati, OH. THE DENT SCHOOLHOUSE haunted attraction is one of the most detailed in the U.S. It has been featured on Forbes, USA Today, BuzzFeed, Travel Channel, and countless others. Jammed with Hollywood styles sets, animatronics, and award winning makeup... It's like hopping into a real horror movie that you get to take part in.

Website: www.frightsite.com
The Dent Schoolhouse
5963 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45248

Contact Phone : (513) 445-9767
Email : janitor@frightsite.com

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OH Haunted House HIGHLIGHTS: Cincinnati's Scariest Haunted House! It has been featured on Forbes, USA Today, BuzzFeed, Travel Channel, and countless others. Jammed with Hollywood styles sets, animatronics, and award winning makeup... It's like hopping into a real horror movie that you get to take part in. Relive the story of the Dent Schoolhouse and undercover the truth of over 30 students' deaths! Clean up after yourself or the school's infamous janitor may have you mopping the halls for eternity! For all the haunt highlights: http://www.frightsite.com


The dent Schoolhouse offers regular admission, fast pass admission, and front of the line access. Plus, you can catch LIGHTS OFF and LIGHTS ON shows! More at frightstie.com Please be sure to check our Twitter, Facebook and frightsite.com for SPECIAL PROMOTIONS and DEALS. For haunted house updates and events: http://www.frightsite.com


The Dent Schoolhouse opens September 11th - November 7th! - Thursdays and Sundays - 7:30pm to 10pm Fridays and Saturdays - 7:30 pm to 12:00 am

In 2015 I loved this haunted house, in 2016 I still loved it. It's a great themed haunted attraction especially if you don't go to many each year. As someone, who attends 2-3 a weekend starting in early September, I feel as though Dent is starting to fall behind some of the other attractions. Their story line is on point but they need to change it up a bit more from year to year for the repeat customers. Also the second part with the butcher shop is horrible, its just bad and doesn't compare to the school house. Many other attractions have 2 to 3 good ones. I think time would be better spent making the school house even better then dealing with the second attraction. Just my opinion. Still a great, scary haunted house. Just needs to up the game a bit and lose the second attraction.
Posted 08/04/2017
Pretty great
The Dent Schoolhouse: Very creepy! The jumpscares were mostly obvious, but I still found myself creeped out. I loved how the 'monsters' would have conversations with you while staying in character! Slaughterhouse: 100% Would not go again. I left that part feeling anything but scared; to say I was completely annoyed would be an understatement. 90% of the attraction were just men with fake fchainsaws pinning you into corners and having an attitude if you touched them to try and get by.
Posted 09/25/2016
scary alsome
Don't go sups scary stuff in it
Posted 06/18/2016
Best haunted house ever!
I'm only 10 and this was my first haunted house! I've been 4 times and I'm really sad it closes Saturday ! Right when you walk in you get the no I can't do this feeling but once your in there's no way out! You go through flickering lights screaming actors ! I can't wait for next year . Oh and how could I not forget the slaughterhouse?! I cried not because I was scared but because I couldn't belive I made it out alive !! I totally recommend the dent schoolhouse if you ever want to go to a haunted house and the later it gets the scarier it is I've only gone at 12:00 am ?
Posted 11/06/2015
Great effects
Very well done.
Posted 11/01/2015
I have never experienced anything like this. I was singing "Jesus loves me" even before entering!
Posted 10/30/2015
great job!
w drove 6 hours to see what all the rave was about and the detail in the main building was excellent but the second part needs a lot of work after going in the main building the second was ummm so not fitting but I would definitely recommend visiting for sure...
Posted 10/12/2015
I had a great time
My husband and I had a great time at the Dent Schoolhouse. The scares were relentless. My husband was constantly pushing me in front of him. When you think the house has reached it scary peak, it throws in another bag of scary surprises. The attraction is long. When you exit the house that is the one break you get before the scariest part. I actually wish I took advantage of it before the final attraction. The staff is really nice. They will ask you about your experience, and will direct you if needed. My husband and I both got injured due to our own stupidity (don't run). The cast made sure that we were okay. I would recommend this attraction to anyone. :)
Posted 09/22/2015
Dent Schoolhouse
Dent is one of the most detailed haunted houses in America loved it!!!
Posted 03/12/2015

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